Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Democrats Keep Calling Moore, Oklahoma 'Monroe'

But conservatives are still idiots for not knowing the capital of Beki-beki-beki-bekistan.  Via The Jawa Report

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stockholm rioting continues for fifth night

Now what did Sweden, the ultimate First World welfare state, possibly do or fail to do, to "enrage" these "immigrant" "youths"? Other than be slow in submitting to their dominance in those sections of the capital city?

It's hard to fight to save civilization, when deracinated relativists forbid everyone from even naming the enemy. The go-to guy for more on this is likely to be the multi-lingual expatriate writer Bruce Bawer. His website is very 1995-ish, but watch his Front Page column, it'll likely be where he'll publish next.

Monday, May 20, 2013

RIP Ray Manzarek

The piano break in L.A. Woman is my favorite bit in all of The Doors' music.  RIP, farewell, & rock on...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

IRS delayed approval of Tea Party groups for months

This is the same IRS that used to actively partner with ACORN, remember.


The hearings to me are a big nothing-burger, highlighting some egregious muddle and CYA shenanigans certainly, but nothing more than that. The primary purpose seems to be to ding up Hillary Clinton in advance of '16, with a side view to making gains in '14. And before you get perturbed, I'll just say that I thought the very same thing about the 9/11 Commission hearings, as they were directed against the Republicans at the time.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Sunday, May 05, 2013

CDC Reports Suicide Rate Rising Among Middle-Aged Americans

Sad to hear of people taking such a permanent solution to what were surely temporary problems. "The world breaks everyone", no need to feel singled out!

Myself, I take strength from my centuries of farming ancestors. I've never lived on a farm, having grown up in small town middle-class comfort. But I'm still close enough to the land to still feel it in my bones, how my forebears had to tough out tough times, be thankful for small blessings, keep a simple faith, and be optimistic because there was no point in being anything else. I can't drawn anyone a map, but I can tell them that other people have gotten over these mountains before them.

Niall Ferguson attributes Keynes' economics to his homosexuality, childlessness

Pretty insensitive comment, sure. But it's true that Keynes' policies have in practice led us to party away the inheritance built up by our predecessors, and bill the deficits to posterity and the Chinese. Our grandchildren will have little to thank us for, when they inherit the husk of an economy we are leaving them...

Israel strikes targets inside Syria again

I can already imagine the Left's reactions without even reading their comments. Poison gas possibly used in civil war between murderous dictator and terrorist insurgents? The U.S. has a moral obligation to go in and Do Something. Jews defend themselves from poison gas before it can be used on them? U.S. must punish them; they're the biggest villains in the world!

The anti-semitic Left is lost inside a vast morality inversion.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Setback for science education in Louisiana

Young Zack Kopplin failed to convinced the state legislature to repeal the law that allows tax money to fund private schools that teach creationism. Too bad, as creationism seems to be surging at the moment. The check that the Kitzmiller decision inflicted on its progress has worn off. But hats off to Mr. Kopplin, the college sophomore who's taking the fight for science education further than many of his elders have the courage to do. Here's an interview clip of him with Bill Moyers: