Thursday, December 18, 2014

Relations with Cuba to be normalized

Well, it's finally happening, for good or ill. It will be good for people to more freely meet their relatives, of course. Will a lifting of the embargo spread freedom in communist Cuba? I hope it turns out that way. It didn't in China, which figured out a way of providing material prosperity to its people, while keeping them firmly under boot. I hope one part of the deal normalizing relations is that forensic teams will be allowed to exhume the graves of the regime's victims. Probably need regime change for that, though.

Looks like the Sixties Left will get to have their youthful "idealism" validated after all. Hope Cuban communism's victims won't be forgotten by everyone else. El Jefe always had a gift for schmoozing First World entertainers and intellectuals. Now the Sixties Left and the generations they've indoctrinated in college can finally claim validation of their youthful "idealism". They've always excused or denied communist tyranny in Cuba by claiming that the U. S. backed right wing police states that were as bad. The difference of course is that the U.S.'s backing of right wing dictatorships during the Cold War was understood as grim realpolitik, rightly or wrongly. The Left's support of communist regimes was a positive love affair. When First World proggs begin sneering about how crass and commercialized Havana is becoming, we'll know that liberty and prosperity are finally coming to the Cuban people.

I do want to see who will be the first of the entertainment industry glitterati to fly down and congratulate Castro for outlasting the embargo, though. It'll be beyond rich if it's someone connected with Sony studios.

Glad Alan Gross and the unnamed intelligence officer are out of that hellhole, btw.