Friday, February 18, 2005

About This Blog

This blog is an occasional sounding board for me to commit to type my thoughts about what I read in the conservative Judeo-Catholic journal First Things. I'll also do the same for the Atlanta area groups of ROFTers, or Readers Of First Things. I attended one of their meetings recently, and enjoyed it hugely. I may turn this into a group blog, including some of that group as posters here. But for the present the original content of this blog will be mine alone.

There is at least one other blog devoted to First Things,, run by a reader in Britain. It is a fine trove of excerpts from the journal, as well as interesting quotes from here & there, mostly Kierkegaard, lately. In my blog I will try to engage with the material, putting my own thoughts down, rather than duplicating his efforts.

So here goes!

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  1. Nice to see (and read) another ROFTERS connected blog. The one I run was the original set up by interested readers of the journal in the States... I was asked to take it over around a year ago.

    Every blessing....


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