Monday, February 25, 2008

Alarming creationist news from Britain, via skeptic Damian Thompson

Extreme Creationists have been given the use of a lecture hall at University College, London, to preach against evolutionary science. Tomorrow's event has been organised by the college's Islamic Society as part of "Islamic Awareness Week". Is that why UCL doesn't have a problem with it?

Saturday's Guardian carried a brief report of the story, but adopted the muted tone it reserves for Muslim assaults on scholarship. If these had been Christian Creationists the paper would have gone bananas. Yet the Istanbul-based organisation giving the lecture holds sinister views, and is increasingly powerful in the developing world.

One of the main themes of my book Counterknowledge is the spread of Islamic Creationism. Guardian and Independent readers are comfortable with the notion that Creationism is the preserve of swivel-eyed American fundamentalist Christians. They are much less comfortable with the reality that Islam is the main engine of Creationism in the world today.

British universities are filling up with science and medical students who reject the single most important discovery in biological science. Sooner or later we're going to have to face the consequences.

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  1. This is shocking, shocking I say. Christian Creationists you cannot speak. Islamist Creationists come on down!

    Ever think "Did I wake up on the wrong planet this morning?"


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