Thursday, April 24, 2008

Case closed: birds and theropods were relatives

Remember that miraculously preserved marrow collagen that was recovered from a tyrannosaurus rex thighbone a while back? Protein analyses of it have re-proved that the beastie was closely related to modern birds, especially chickens and ostriches.

Amazing... Just think: T-rex might be more closely related to the finches outside my window, bickering over the last good seat on the birdfeeder I keep forgetting to refill, than it was to the ceratopsians on which it preyed.

And where did the similarities stop? Could T-rex have been taught to speak, like parrots? Imagine Jurassic Park with the star attraction pursuing the heroes down the jeep path, squawking "I'M A PRETTY BOY!!"


  1. Hey, just another comment for you to treasure!


  2. Actually, speech in parrots is a highly derived feature. Although T-Rex was highly intelligent, he lacks the anatomy to care off mimicry of sounds


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