Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Yom Kippur War, + 35 years

Richard Nixon's greatest achievement was saving Israel from extermination, by shipping emergency aid to that nation after Egypt's and Syria's surprise attack. It's the greatest act of wartime humanitarianism in the past half century. If you think I'm wrong please post a comment.


  1. Nixon's act set the tone for unfair US practices in the Middle East resulting in the difficult situation the area now finds itself in.
    The ME will only settle down when the strongest and most aggressive player genuinely seeks peace.
    This will not come about until the US levels the playing field by ceasing to spoil its love child.

  2. This act of 'humanitarianism' resulted in the death of thousands of Palestinian children that continued for about 40 years after that act. What humanitarianism do you mean?


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