Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yes, she is a bad mother...

First, she shacks up with this defective shitbird, whom she herself was afraid of. Then she leaves her to live with him in a barn behind his grandfather's house. Then she deploys to the other end of the country, leaving her alone with him. Then this. Idiot!

We are told by the cultural Left that a family is any random grouping of people who share a fridge, and who have sweet feelings for each other most of the time. So why, in these cases, does it so often seem to be this year's boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend) and not the natural father/husband who brings harm to the defenseless child? Or is it just me? Someone point me to a study, but that's the impression I get, browsing these awful stories.

I am so sick and tired of listening to single mothers going on about how they would do anything for their children--anything except give them a father who's married to their mother.

RIP to the poor tot...

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