Wednesday, December 15, 2010

California Happy Meal Lawsuit

I guess this is inevitable. As we lazily turn over more and more of our personal responsibilities to the government--health care, insurance, retirement, and now nutrition--the government finds itself constrained to try to keep us solvent and healthy, just to save their own expenses. McDonalds is just a convenient villain for Left Coast proggs, part of the larger, deplorable trend.

And the suit illustrates the proggy mindset too, the more conventional deep-pocket aspects of it aside. Treat children like adults: Suspend children for drawing pictures of their relatives in the military, file harassment charges against kindergartners who hug a classmate, etc. And treat adults like children, like in the present case, where parents are presumed to be in need of being usurped by this lawsuit.

The national trends, good and bad, often start in California. I hope the rest of the country has enough horse sense to resist this particular wave.