Saturday, July 14, 2012


Some old offerings of mine elseweb seem to have undergone obliteration by the website proprietor. Well, sic transit gloria mundi... I spent many enjoyable hours there over the course of the Aughties, but I was becoming a bad fit by the time I stopped participating. Just wasn't as P.O.ed as much as many of the others, I guess. Plus I had recently been banned at Little Green Footballs, and didn't feel like sticking around for that scenario to unfold again. Never did make any comment about it, prior to this, just faded away. I'm still pecking away at this blog, but I've been putting my heart into commenting here and there around the web, here and here and here for example. I find that I prefer being the fellow who's too conservative, rather than the one who's not conservative enough, and so I gravitate towards online communities where discussion and disagreement over a broad spectrum of opinion are tolerated. I not infrequently get censored at the proggish sites, but hey! Only n00bs whine about the moderators. And I'm not about to start now.