Saturday, January 26, 2013

Is it safe to criticize Scientology now?

I'm looking forward to reading Lawrence Wright's book about Scientology, Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief There have always been memoirs from defectors from the cult, who for their troubles got sued into bankruptcy. Even mighty TIME magazine spent a decade in libel court after they ran their expose'. Limitlessly funded by their stable of gulled Hollywood mega-celebrities, aggressively suing, harassing (and perhaps worse) opponents, the cult seems impervious. But Wright is a distinguished journalist and Pulitzer Prize winning author, not one to be lightly stalked by the cult's enforcers. Even though some of his overseas publishers have been intimidated into withdrawing the book, this might leave a mark, this time.

I used to peruse an anti-Scientology usenet group years ago, which seems to be thriving still, other than that I've had no direct connection with the cult. The cosmology of it reeks of kitschy 1950s science fiction, more Plan 9 From Outer Space than spiritual enterprise. You can't reason people out of notions they were never reasoned into, though. If Scientology is the only religion spiritually receptive people encounter, they are very likely to be and remain imprinted with the initial stamp of belief. But if there are those with ears to hear, this time around they may hear.

I salute Mr. Wright's bravery, and all those before him who have stood up to Scientology.


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