Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday ADHD Linklets

Still got nothing interesting to say this week, so have some of these instead...

Somebody at Google dislikes Michelle Malkin.

Transgender Bat-Roomie

I still miss gatefold album cover art. And if desktop PCs go away, I supposed I'll miss desktop wallpaper.

Eerie abandoned islands.

Same sex marriage is succeeding in changing the culture:
Gay marriage is advancing on the basis of something other than the expected rational arguments. [...] When elites rally unanimously to a cause, it can become a kind of common sense. The upwardly mobile parts of democratic publics emulate their “betters.” They quell their natural misgivings. Those who do not quell their misgivings, therefore, look like losers. There is a first-they-came-for-the-Communists element to this shift—a lot of people worried about saying something un-chic assume that there will always be someone more conservative, more heedless of his social position, ready to come out of the “woodwork” to take the heat in front of public opinion. But Rush Limbaugh now supports civil unions and Glenn Beck opines that gay marriage “isn’t hurting anybody.”

North Korea is China's tool for making trouble for the West on the cheap, with a degree of deniability. So we have to stand with South Korea all the more steadfastly.

If you're using Disqus comments, you can comment on Michelle Malkin's blog now. Still can't figure out how to resume commenting on though, now that they've taken away Google login, and the Disqus button there doesn't recognize me.