Friday, February 20, 2015

A scene from the Jihad

"I grew up in colonial Africa. And I remember in 1955,... [m]y father
took me down to the quayside in Dar-Es-Salaam harbor. And he pointed
out a dhow in the harbor and he said, "You see that dhow there? Twice
a year it comes down from Aden. It stops here and goes down [South].
On the way down it's got boxes of machinery and goods. On the way back
up it's got two or three little black boys on it. Now, those boys are
slaves. And the United Nations will not let me do anything about it."

"The conversation went on. "Look, boy. There is not going to be a World
War between Russia and the United. The next World War will be between
Islam and the West."

"This is 1955! I said to him, "Dad, you're nuts! The Crusades have been
over for hundreds of years!"

"And he said, "Well, I know, but militant Islam is on the rise again.
And you will see it in your lifetime."

"He's been dead some years now. But there's not a day that goes by that
I don't think of him and think, "God, I wish you were here, just so I
could tell you that you were right." "

-- John Rhys-Davies, interview, 2003