Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Funeral of Coretta Scott King

Well, it wasn't anywhere near as classless as the big campaign rally at Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone's funeral. But it did have its tacky partisan moments. I salute President and former President Bush for showing up, being gracious, and honoring Mrs. King's legacy on behalf of all Americans.

I went out to lunch today and saw the funeral on the TV in the dining area of the restaurant I frequent. I only saw two or three hymns, sung by the enormous choir and overflow crowd. Judging by what I've read in the news, I'm glad I didn't see the rest of it, given the crass display put on by the Democrats.

The MLK holiday has become an occasion for the Dems to bugle, thrash their antlers, and spray-mark, laying claim to their possession of the black vote. Witness Hillary Clinton's plantation remarks on the one just past. Sad, but a fact. But was it really too much to expect for them to swallow their venom for just one itsy-teensy afternoon? Nope, not with all those TV cameras around. For the zillionth time since 9/11--no, since GWB declined to pursue the adolescents from the previous administration who trashed the White House on their way out--I breathed the same little prayer: Thank God the grownups are in charge.

UPDATE Feb. 9: Commenter The Polite Liberal points me to a story in Salon, which reports that the Trashed White House story was severely overblown. Thanks to him for that clarification.

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  1. The White House wasn't trashed
    . Your "adults," I'm afraid, have a bad habit of playing fast and loose with the truth.


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