Sunday, February 19, 2006

My Blogroll

Before I sweep up the confetti here, let me extol the websites on my blogroll to you. My blogroll is nowhere near "complete", since I myself don't use it for navigation. I use my browser's Favorites folder instead. But all the noteworthy sites I enjoy could easily double the size of my blogroll, and maybe I'll get crackin' to bulk it up soon. But in the meantime, here's who we have so far:

Alt.quotations: Just about the last civilized newsgroup left in usenet.

Bound By Gravity: If you only have time for one Canadian current affairs slash general interest blog, Andrew's would be the one to pick. By sheer chance, I was the first commenter on his blog. I left a snarky bit of abuse in response to some skepticism about the US WOT--and he's had a soft spot for me ever since, like a successful businessman keeping his first earned dollar in a frame!

Paul Cella: A fellow Atlanta ROFTER, (whom I hope to actually meet soon), a columnist at Tech Central Station, and a notable "big think" blogger on the theme of the fate of the West.

Donald Sensing: A Methodist minister with a military background, a son in the service, and all the wisdom and patriotism you can digest in one sitting. It's people like him who make me feel better about remaining in my old-line denomination.

Instapundit: All rise.

Little Green Footballs: The place to go when you're finally ready to face the facts about the global jihad.

Midwest Conservative Review: Christopher Johnson's ongoing autopsy of the American Episcopal Church. A good place to go to see what happens when a church gets to be so liberal that they refuse to impose any morals or values even on themselves.

My Amazon Review Page: My collection of reviews over at Amazon. I used to have more time for this sort of thing.

On The Square: The blog of the editors of First Things. It's only about fifteen years overdue, and well worth the wait.

Papa Ratzi Post: News and doings of the current pontiff. The host Michael S. Rose recently authored a biography of him. He also wrote Goodbye, Good Men, an account of how the Lavender Mafia took over American Catholic seminaries.

Protein Wisdom: Just your ordinary humor/political blog by a writer/linguistic theorist/stoner Rocky Mountain Jew.

ROFTERS: The original First Things blog, run by a Briton named Roger. The direct inspiration for this blog.

Sand In The Gears: Diary blogging from a thoughtful and sensitive California Christian.

The Anchoress: A pre-eminent Pajamas Media blogger with an appealingly medieval Catholic schtick.

The New Pantagruel: A Rabelaisian online journal of culture and media based out in the Midwest somewhere. Of especial interest to people who recognize when something is "Rabelaisian"; just plain good reading to everyone else.

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