Saturday, January 06, 2007

David Petraeus returns to Iraq

Blackfive gathers some initial reactions.

If any passersby are unfamiliar with Petraeus, I recommend Rick Atkinson's book, In The Company Of Soldiers. (Which, *koff* I reviewed on my amazon page) He, along with the other commanders of the 101 Airborne during the invasion of Iraq are acutely and sympathetically portrayed therein.

I hope it works. He's a splendid soldier, and if we fail in Iraq it won't be because we're not sending our best.

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  1. The only reason it's so damn hard in Iraq, is because we won't let the soldiers do what has to be done.

    Has any army in the world been so hamstrung by lawyers and human rights and geneva conventions? What is a great testament to the professionality of the soldiers is they have accomplished so much under these circumstances.


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