Saturday, May 05, 2007

On hiatus

This blog will be inactive for the next several weeks. We have been planning (rhymes with "wishing") on moving to a better school district for quite some time. Thanks to a motivational audiobook I listened to this weekend, I concluded that my foot-dragging was the cause of us still being here, as well as of considerable domestic infelicity.

So, before my mercurial resolve evaporates, I am hanging up my blog, my amazon page, possibly my alt.quotations contributions, and my commenting all over the blogosphere, in order to concentrate more on selling this house and buying a different one. I am one of those types of sudden enthusiasms but feeble follow-through, with a big aversion to dealing with big commercial transactions, so I am going to be working against my grain in a big way. I hope you will wish me luck, and explore the fine sites listed in my blogroll in the meantime.

See you later this summer!


  1. Good luck. Hope your absence will be brief!

  2. I totally relate to this and understand. I am actually going through the same thing, same reasons, etc, though I have my child in private school right now. Atlanta's housing market is rough. Do you ever notice the Metrobroker's billboard while driving on the interstate - it shows well over 108K houses for sale and the number climbs a lot per week, many hundreds. It is a buyer's market big time.

  3. Oh, man.

    I wish you strength to carry it off....finding a new house, fixing and selling the old house. And, with the timing matching.

    Thanks for the comment on my posting at larsonian.


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