Monday, July 30, 2007

The Expanding Universe, Foretold in the Koran

So I was clicking around in YouTube, looking for some good bite-sized science documentaries. I searched "expansion of the universe", and got back a list of clips, every third or fourth of which was Koranic propaganda. And it's not a campaign or a conspiracy. Like believers in creationism, there is apparently a critical mass of dopes who believe this stuff, and spread the tidings as the spirit moves. Scary, since we know that Islamic evangelism doesn't stop at only this...

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  1. I'll trust they're a representative set of clips, Dr Sanity, but YouTUBE is (Censored) at the Thai border, so I cannot see them at this time.

    I'll see the Toady Hooper VS Hitman Hitchens when it plays on LiveLeak.

    Good work. More please.

    And feel free to compare and contrast with what The Glory of God teaches and has created, in the Baha'i World Community.
    ("By their fruits shall ye know them.")


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