Saturday, November 22, 2008

Congratulations, troops

By any honest estimation, we've won the war in Iraq. At every turn, liberals and "world opinion" have pronounced the effort doomed. At every milestone, the same voices said "well, that was the easy part, but now!..." Democracy may never be as robust in a tribal society like Iraq as it is in the republics of the West. It's still better that what they had before, and what they would have had if the defeatist claque had prevailed. The voices who wail over the civilian losses in this war never gave a good goddamn when it was Saddam killing innocents. The skeptics who rejected the premises of this war mostly thought that America deserved 9/11--them, we gotta listen to on national defense? Against all these choruses of evil and defeat stands the American fighting soldier, who I honor in this small way today, on Victory In Iraq Day.

Let's for a tank ride to celebrate:

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