Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Amy Bishop rampage...why should politics matter?

The dextrosphere is airing out accused killer Amy Bishop's political leanings. She's alleged to be left-leaning, like 10 out of every 10 Harvard educated professors seem to be. A partisan though fair-enough roundup is here, at American Power blog.

So, so what? Is there any indication that her alleged crime was motivated by her political beliefs? Or that the police bungled her previous cases in deference to those beliefs? Can't people with advanced degrees succumb to workplace character flaws and frustrations that have nothing to do with religion or politics, same as we've sadly seen at any number of offices and yes post offices over the years? Where is the proof that she was channelling her inner Stalin?

People are dead and hurting because of this wicked woman, dropping the "allegedly" now. Information is still coming out, and will continue to come out, I hope. I seriously doubt that there is going to be any underlying political manisfesto in her motives, unlike Major Nidal or Timothy McVeigh. Anyone who's familiar with me knows I don't have the time of day for socialism. So let's not cheapen and invalidate the good fight against socialism by playing silly guilt-by-association games.

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