Thursday, October 07, 2010

Cato the Elder banned at Little Green Footballs

Just heard this today, en route to looking up something else. Another one of my old stablemates from the Class of '04 gone, one who had seemingly adapted to the changing times over there. Is everyone sitting on an ejector seat now?

I've got no problem with Charles changing his mind rightward to leftward (or center-ward) about things. John Cole at Balloon Juice did it, and so did Stephen Sherman of the now discontinued but once big time The Political Diktat. It happens. I respect his independence in staking out unpopular positions, defiantly declaring what he perceives as the truth, against what he perceives as a hurricane of distortions. It takes guts to do that, whatever one's position.

But goodness, couldn't all this have been accomplished without needlessly antagonizing so many former allies? Without having so much personal abuse play out on the pages of LGF these past two years? How can he regain transparency, so that the content of his bloggage rather than his personality will be the takeaway? How in the world is everyone on all sides going to climb down from all this hostility? It can't continue indefinitely. Can it?