Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fukushima nuclear reactor updates

Probably the single best source of information is the International Atomic Energy Agency's blog. You have to penetrate some technical jargon and officialese*, but it's less confusing than all the guest experts and their arm-waving speculations on the news channels.

*A choice example of officialese from today's post:

Local government officials briefed the FAO/IAEA Team on the extent of contamination in Tochigi, the principle agricultural products affected, the main production areas and production methods (greenhouses, open-air), levels of contamination found (principally in air, tap/ground water and vegetables) and imminent plans to monitor soil contamination. A field visit also took place to a spinach producer outside Utsanomiya City.

Based on these latest discussions with the Tochigi authorities, it is apparent that the focus of the Joint FAO/IAEA mission has changed to some extent from the mechanisms of contamination to remediation strategies and techniques related to plant and animal production, food traceability and water/soil characterization.

Translation: The radiation leaked, contaminated the Tochigi farms, and now the experts are going to have to figure out how to clean the area up.