Tuesday, March 08, 2011

James O'Keefe punks NPR executive...or does he?

He's released a video that supposedly shows Ron Schiller, the former head of NPR’s nonprofit foundation, bashing conservatives and embracing the goal of spreading acceptance of sharia. He's seen speaking to a fictitious Muslim group, who let drop that they are really a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Well, this scenario fits in well with a number of my own political inclinations and attitudes: NPR uber-lib cozies up to radical Muslims while bashing conservative fellow Americans. But, that's when you have to be most skeptical, so that you don't fall for something from the Too Good To Check file. And James O'Keefe has perpetrated so many previous stunts like this that turned out not to be what they were represented to be, that I will wait for copious corroboration before I believe this one. You can only have one reputation at a time, and unfortunately "credible" isn't James O'Keefe's at the moment.