Tuesday, May 17, 2011

brookly red banned at Little Green Footballs

Update: I'm actually not sure of brookly red's sex at all, so forgive my mistake, if it is indeed a mistake.

Just noticed, due to people landing here while looking up commenters banned by Charles Johnson. There goes another familiar face! I enjoyed some of her comments, and she mine, I'm pretty sure. Hope she finds a good home elseweb soon. One of the Monitor Lizards in particular took especial relish in bullying her, whenever they both appeared in the same thread. If she's like me, brookly red will find herself slowly being glad to be out of that oppressive atmosphere.

Since my banning, I've found myself being attracted to some of the big liberal blogs, like Huffington Post (my comments at HuffPo) and the comment threads at NPR (my comments at NPR). While I still enjoy spray-marking with like-minded types, I also enjoy engaging people of differing viewpoints (such as Obdicut, windup bird, san francisco zionist, Stanley Sea, etc., all still at LGF). I find that it's more gratifying to be the fellow who's too conservative, than to be the person who's not conservative enough. If LGF could have preserved its fleeting equilibrium among commenters--and dispensed with the controlling and bullying (it's still a shame what happened to Wild Irish Rose)--well, I might be going back and peering through glass a little more frequently.

See you around, brookly.