Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Interfaith Alliance asks churches to share their pulpits with Muslims

I used to criticize The Interfaith Alliance from time to time in this blog's early going. Now I see that I have occasion to do so again. The Interfaith Alliance is a load of deracinate­d relativist­s of the proggy persuasion, who wouldn't acknowledg­e their nominal co-religio­nists abroad, murdered by Muslim fanatics, if they bled to death on their front porches.* The IA emerged from the National Council of Churches, which never to my knowledge repented of its vigorous cheer-leading for nearly every left-wing dictatorship of the past half century. I'll not be scolded about American Muslims hurt feelings by people who act as though they believe America deserved 9/11.

*Harsh, but true. The search engine on their site retrieves no results for Copts, Indonesian Christians, Pakistani Christians, Nigerian Christians, who are being persecuted by their Muslim neighbors. You, however, need merely click here to stay up to date.

"In a dictatorship, it takes courage to speak the truth. In a free country, it takes courage to see the truth."
-- Natan Scharansky