Monday, January 02, 2012

First sentence of first post of each month of 2011

A blog meme from leeann, via Joan of Argghh!

January: Farewell to Denis Dutton, the late proprietor of Arts and Letters Daily, one of the pioneering opinion journal portals on the web.

February: Whatever. At this late date, I'm surprised anyone expects a show of patriotism out of San Franciscans anymore anyway. (Cheated to show some context.)

March: 48 hour rule. But if, as rumor has it, this is Isolated Incident Perpetrated By Lone Whacko That Has Nothing To Do With Islam #16,279, then it goes to show (once again) that the front line in this war is everywhere. (See above)

April: The sweetest thing I've seen today is...this video of a Japanese 12 year old & 7 year old playing "All Of Me" at a disaster fundraiser.

May: Very fitting, that the last people he ever saw were SEALs and spooks, come to put a bullet in his eye.

June: Repressing a church is something any old dictatorship can do, the church being a rival center of authority and all.

July: San Francisco becoming a child free zone? So says this NPR segment.

August: The Debt Ceiling Deal Haven't had a chance--and probably won't--to read through it.

September: CDC: Half of Americans will suffer from mental health woes. Wow. Half.

October: Via The Jawa Report: Occupy Wall Street protesters attack police, as seen in the video below.

November: Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.

December: You may recall that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors banned McDonalds from giving away toys with their Happy Meals.