Sunday, January 01, 2012

Random Rock Bloggage

I think I've just had a stroke of insight. The Paul McCartney and Wings song "Junior's Farm", includes a line:

Olly Hardy should have had more sense
He pulled a chee-chee and he jumped the fence,
All for the sake of a couple of pence.

I'll bet I know what "chee-chee" means. The song was written in 1974, the same year as the movie Godfather II came out. In the film, a hired killer named Willie Cicci turned state's evidence, testifying against Michael Corleone. I'll bet this is what Macca meant in this line of those free-assocative lyrics. I have never seen this hypothesis in any of the music forums, and it is more plausible than the ones I have seen. Any passing Beatles fans, tell me what you think!