Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jewish school killer is holed up in French house, is likely al-Qaeda

Bastard. Hope they bag him soon, if they haven't already. And I hope he gets put on trial and has ample airtime to espouse his foul beliefs, so people can once again see where those beliefs lead the unstable. "How is a person or a world unmade or unformed? First, by being deformed. And following the deforming is the collapsing. The tenuous balance is broken. Insanity is induced easily under the name of the higher sanity. Then the little candle that is in each head is blown out on the pretext that the great cosmic light can better be seen without it." -- R. A. Lafferty The tree is known by its fruit. Also: dueling headlines, plucked from Google News:
French police in standoff with possibly Al Qaeda-linked suspect in school ...Fox News French hunt school killer, suspect neo-Nazi ties ...The Associated Press