Thursday, March 01, 2012

RIP Andrew Breitbart

A stunner, dead at 43. My sympathies to his family. A classy encomium from his former colleague Arianna Huffington is here. My reaction to his work? He was something of an anachronism. Fox News is more than 15 years old, and the internet's dextrosphere isn't much younger. The MSM are not gatekeepers anymore, because the walls are down. As Ken Layne said in the early days, "We can fact-check your ass." Banging on about liberal bias in the media--which of course exists--seemed slightly unnecessary to me, as alternatives are now readily available.

Plus, his penchant for cheap "gotcha" stunts led him to fall for juicy tidbits from the Too Good To Check File, sometimes. Did he ever apologize to Shirley Sherrod, for example, for unjustly ending her career?

But, the shock of having one so young and full of mission pass on is the takeaway here. RIP, and best to his family and friends.

UPDATE: But of course, I was probably too old for him to have the impact he undoubted had on younger conservatives. Here's an absolutely incandescent appreciation of him by a former showbiz type, via Instapundit.