Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday night ADHD linklets

So, how will the snakes get the mice out of their parachutes?

Donald Sensing calls out feminists in Colorado for being soft on rape. How do feminists advise their daughters to protect themselves from rape, anyway? I've never gotten an answer beyond "Sexist!".

"Put simply, the bills tell us that this is not about interfering in a free market. It’s about facing the reality that our largest consumer product by far — one-fifth of our economy — does not operate in a free market."

Newscaster bloopers are funny even when they are in a foreign language.

I love stories of veterans being reunited with long-lost personal items:
WWII Normandy veteran has missing canteen returned to him.
Silver Star, Purple Heart, belonging to WWII soldier, killed in final weeks of the war, is returned to his daughter who never knew him.

A buyer's market in zero-day cyber weapons.

Thawing permafrost concerns climatologists.

Tiny people swim with the fishes.