Wednesday, December 25, 2013

No, Martin Bashir's firing is not comparable to A&E dumping Phil Robertson

The Left-o-sphere has been marshaling a surge of whatabouttery in response to the outrage over A&E Network suspending Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson. Martin Bashir was fired for what he said, they assert, and so why aren't you hypocrites mad about that? Here's why:

Martin Bashir emitted his vileness while on the air on MSNBC, acting in his capacity as an employee and representative of MSNBC. A reasonable viewer could conclude, at least at first, that he was not saying anything that MSNBC did not approve of. Else why let him say such things on the show?

Phil Robertson, OTOH, gave his private opinion, off the show, when asked for his private opinion. See the difference? He was speaking for himself. Now, the Lavender Mafia in the entertainment industry is not to be crossed lightly, so of course A&E sprinted for the tall grass when GLAAD went on the offensive. But the premise of the Two Minute Hate against Duck Dynasty is that one can no longer have a non-liberal private opinion. Presumptuous arrogance like that is as vile as Bashir's comments, and are no part of an America I care to live in.