Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Obama, Castro, the handshake, and the persistence of Leftist faith in Communist Cuba

I've been viewing with disgust the left-leaning commentariat around the blogs, taking the opportunity of Mandela's funeral to agitate for normalization of relations with Cuba. I have no respect for proggs who help inflict utopias on hapless Third World countries, to which they fly (with return air tickets) to slobber over the Maximum Leader.

The U. S. should soften its stance towards Cuba? When will Cuba "soften" its stance towards Cuba? There should be an immediate release of all political prisoners in Cuba, restoration of basic human rights, including property rights, and post-Soviet style councils, like in Eastern Europe in the 90s, to account for the victims of Cuban communism, and bring the oppressors to book. Norteamericano proggs would be howling for this, if Castro had not couched his tyranny in anti-American leftist phraseology. Instead, he is still the darling of the doddering Sixties flotsam setting the tone for the American Left.

Castro killed more Cubans in his first three years than Hitler killed Germans in his first six. First World proggs just can't bear to part with their youthful infatuation with the old Red, is all, and they will ignore the boot stomping the faces of the Cuban people forever, if that's what it takes to preserve their collectivist illusions.