Saturday, October 14, 2006


The other day Tony Blankley, the editor of the Washington Times, was on a local Atlanta radio show, explaining his surprising editorial calling for Dennis Hastert to resign (no transcript, sorry). Blankley believes that Fordham is telling the truth, that he was made the designated fall guy after he had already agreed to be a good team member and resign his post over something else (IINM. No transcript, remember). Blankley said that Hastert's office had not intervened as strongly as his predecessors had in previous cases. Blankley surely wants this scandal to go away before election day, but the case he presented did seem like the high road.

If it were a Dem that was the malfeasant party here, we'd likely never hear about it at all, from normal media avenues. And if we did, it would be nothing but how those eeeeeevil judgmental Republicans were once again invading the private life of a Democrat public servant.

That said, I say get rid of everyone who let this Foley stuff go on, no matter who it is. "Everybody does it" is a teenager's argument.

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