Monday, October 02, 2006

I Only Said...And Then The Librarian Slugged Me!

Some library humor found online, in honor of Miriam the Librarian's interview.

"Can't you just look it up on the computer?"

"Why don't you buy better copiers?"

"I wish I was a librarian, so I could read all day."

"I know you want to go back to your coffee and magazine, sweetie, but I'm in a hurry."

"I'm a taxpayer!" [This declaration being repeated every third sentence on a routine problem resolution] [Correct response: "What a coincidence--so am I!"]

"I know you can't give legal advice. I'm not asking for legal advice. I just want your opinion of what it says here in the code."

"I know you can't give tax advice. I'm not asking for tax advice. I just want to know which tax form I need, and how to fill it out."

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