Friday, October 20, 2006

Nice things said about Jews, pt 10

Let me tell you a story. In the early Fifties, polio was a nightmare for parents. Lots of children clunked around in braces or sat forever in wheel chairs. In summer, the epidemic season, our mothers wouldn't let us go to public swimming pools because they were thought to be focuses of infection.

One day a fellow named Salk came out of a laboratory somewhere and said, "Hey, I've got this vaccine…." A bit later, a guy named Sabin came out of another laboratory, and said, "Hey, if we do thus and so and put it on sugar cubes, see, it will be oral…." You can't imagine how welcome that vaccine was. Parents grabbed their children by the hair and sprinted through doors, sometimes not bothering to open them, to get to the clinic. Polio just flat disappeared.

Hint: Salk and Sabin were not Rastafarians. ("Jews Destroy American Iron Lung Industry.")

Does none of this count for anything?

-- Fred Reed, "Letters About Jews"


  1. Interesting theme you have going here. Not sure what compelled it.

    How about a follow up "Nice things said about..."

    ... Arabs
    ... Blacks
    ... Latinos
    ... Eskimos?

  2. Yeah those eskimos and their world domination schemes! You can't turn around without hearing about eskimos and their secret(?) cabal to dominate the media and start wars. It would be refreshing to hear something nice about eskimos, good idea.
    /sarcasm off

  3. Rand:

    I'm hazarding a guess that the point is that some of the groups you name are currently demonizing Israel/Jews as being responsible for the spread of HIV-AIDS in Africa and inducing cancer and other diseases in the Palestinian population. (I will leave you to figure out who is spreading this 21st century blood libel yourself.)

    Inspector: another little known fact -- Gaza's Arab population became free of polio and small pox specifically because of the efforts led by a Canadian Jewish doctor who immigrated to Israel with his nurse wife in the 1970s, long before other impoverished Arab nations in the same region.

  4. Thanks for intro'ing me to Reed. His humor is great.

    He must be from the South, with his use of the old barb, "Let's you and him fight". That's so true.

    I also loved "I learned the two step from a carpenter...(no, another carpenter).


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