Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Can't see the forest for the tree-wasters

After twenty plus years of this stuff--Marxism, deconstruction, radical feminism, "queer theory," and a host of similarly bankrupt ideologies--some English professors have really made themselves blind. They simply "see through" everything that interested the authors of our classics: whether it's truth, beauty, and goodness; the lineaments of human nature; sin and the possibility of salvation; courage and honesty; or the powers of the human imagination. English professors really believe that all these things that apparently concerned the human race have no real substance--they're just a mask for what's really going on, the whole time, underneath the surface: patriarchal oppression of women if they're feminists, exploitation of the workers if they're Marxists, and so forth.
-- Elizabeth Kantor, interview at FrontPageMag

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