Thursday, December 07, 2006

Islam, A Friendly Faith

Or so it says here, in an article by one Iftekhar Hai, Muslim member of some interfaith group or other.

There should be more preaching of Islam’s message as an interfaith “friendly faith” to the American Muslim communities. Emphasize interreligious peace and harmony, get involved in interreligious activities, and not only be tolerant of others’ faith, but also join in its celebration, as long as it does not grossly violate your personal beliefs.

Of course, one source of our troubles is that "our" very existence, at least outside of utter dhimmitude, grossly violates the personal beliefs of a significant percentage of "them". And getta loada:

In the Islamic Society of San Francisco, the imam admonished the Friday Sabbath crowd of more than 500 Muslim worshipers.

He said, “Jihad does not mean fighting the infidels, but to struggle in the path of self-correction, a non-violent and self-cleansing act that will make you the best citizen.” The whole sermon was devoted to building wholesome communities in the Bay Area.

That message came more strongly from the Muslim Community Center of Santa Clara during a seminar on the Life of the Prophet Mohammed on Nov. 24 and 25.

That soap ain't never gonna be soft enough, to feel right on my skin.

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  1. yeah, don't you know that they just love us infidels to death.


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