Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Staying on offense against the jihadists

War is icky and everything, but this is certainly a bright spot in the global war of defense against The Jihad. The ragtag, loosely-knit, weak, and otherwise failing to measure up to Western standards of democracy Somalian national government is rolling back the jihadist, fundamentalist Islamist Courts entity. This with the aid of Ethiopia, which incidentally is the only country in Africa which was never colonized. I can just see our Western rock music aristocracy's heads exploding. Why, only last year they were raising money for "the poor", that anonymous mass of little brown foreigners, into whom they projected their fantasies of revolution and one-worldism. Now here is one set of them fighting against another, for the exact same reasons that the U. S. is fighting Islamic terrorism. Ethiopia knows that if they don't beat them down over there, they'll have to fight them at home later. Maybe we'll be faced with the same prospect, on some evil day in the future, if our efforts fail, and Canada continues its multi-culti course of leasing itself out as one big terrorist residential motel.

Plus, Israel is going to resume pinpoint attacks on Qassam rocket-firing Palestinian killbots, like they did against Hamas'leadership, including the late and much perforated Sheikh Yassin. European, Arab, and progressive media will howl, as always, but also as always the alternative of innocent massacred Jews is a prospect at which they can barely stifle a smirk, a cheer, and a yawn, respectively. Target engage, guys!

I'm probably sounding uncharacteristically belligerent, at least for this blog. This is because I'm reading Bruce Bawer's While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within It's just as rousing and alarming and full of zingers as Mark Steyn's America Alone, with the difference that Bawer lived in several countries in Europe, spoke the languages and read their news media, and thus delivers much more first-hand reportage.

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  1. Excellent find, I think - I visited Bruce Bawer's website, very interesting reading and his bio is worthwhile to read. I may even buy his book. I lived in Central Europe about a decade ago and thought that many areas were being overrun by immigrants. It is sobering to think about a possible muslim majority country in Europe within our lifetimes.


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