Monday, February 19, 2007

Can you decipher this gibbersish?

A groundbreaking Muslim-Jewish partnership

Hasan said that the reason previous dialogues between the Muslim and Jewish communities have failed was because there was no process for people to discuss emotionally explosive issues (such as the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians) as they happen in a controlled environment. "With a system of accountability, members of each faith would have to follow key ways to express their feelings," Hasan added.

Rather than being exclusive among organization leadership, NewGround will target attitudes within members of the Muslim and Jewish communities. It aims to train groups of dedicated persons who will take their newly learned skills to their respective communities with the expectation that they would impart what they have learned to other community members.

"...a system of accountability". "...follow key ways to express their feelings". Sounds to me like the rats are gnawing at our American tradition of freedom of speech again. Wonder if someone will see this new program as something desirable to have in the public schools, or the workplace, or...

Seriously, the biggest obstacle to building trust among Muslim and non-Muslim communities may not be jihad, or that fraudulent neologism "islamophobia". It may be the steadily encroaching norm that Islam is entirely off limits to any criticism. Why should I sit bound and gagged while medievalists denounce my civilization? And why should you?

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  1. The piece actually reminded me of the gibberish e-mails I get, with an attachment promising to enlarge my, uh, parts. (BTW If I really did need such help, how would they knlow? Just curious.)


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