Sunday, February 04, 2007

San Antonio CAIR chapter's Sarwat Husain

I give you the Martha Stewart of Muslim pity-parties.

She defends CAIR and her work with it.

"This is something that happened not while he was with CAIR," she said of [convicted terrorist conspirator] Elashi, calling CAIR critics "fundamentalists."

"They create all these accusations and the public gets confused," she said. "These kind of things give you more strength because we know there are people out there who don't want us to succeed."

The profile says she aggressively fights "discrimination" against Muslims. But a close--hell, a cursory reading shows that she's just out to silence criticism of Islam, same as any other Saudi-funded P.R. flack. And this is why the oft-rumored moderate Muslims are doomed to inconsequence in the larger war on terrorism. Like the rest of Islam throughout most of history, they just aren't willing to appraise themselves and their religion with a critical eye. The Dark Ages philosopher al-Kindi may have been the last one of any note during Islam's formative centuries to do so, in fact.

There's no law against sticking up for yourself, of course. It's still a free country. But let Mrs. Husain ask herself if she'd like to trade places with a Copt in Egypt, a Bahai in Iran, or a Christian in Pakistan, the next time she strikes up a tune on the ol' victimology fiddle. I direct your attention once again to this post, which details some real, actual oppression suffered by Muslims in India--not this bruised self-esteem stuff she's concerned with. No one who enjoys the limitless freedoms of the West has any right to complain about the United States' resistance to the Shariazation of free speech here at home.

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