Friday, August 17, 2007

Fun with Wikiscanner

Okay, as of this evening young Virgil Griffith's Wikiscanner seems to be reasonably accessible. I see that a lot of posts I made to Wikipedia before I started using an alias are visible. These are posts on various subjects I made at wor-errrr!!! I mean, when I was away from home... *koff* I mean, c'mon! You click over just out of idle curiosity, tweak a typo, check the history on something else, and before you know it you've blown the afternoon writing out the history of the discovery of the element palladium or some such!

Here are some interesting things I saw while searching some other institutions. Nothing particularly "gotcha", I don't think, just an amusing view into someone's previously private moment. Although I'll admit I'm searching as I'm writing, here. Keep in mind that people who have Wikipedia aliases are truly anonymous, and do not show up in Wikiscanner.

Someone at The Nation changed the name of a photo of John Kerry to John Fortuitous Kerry.

Someone at the same magazine changed the entry on George W. Bush, to label him a British politician. For what, I couldn't tell you.

Some jocular juvenile at Bard College asserted that a family of Neandertals reside in Paterson, NJ. Reason I search Bard was to see if they had anything to say about Alger Hiss, since there is a political science post named after this traitor.

Oddly, or perhaps not, Evergreen State College has only one user listed who edited the entry on that institution's most famous scion, St. Pancake. Less oddly, a young speaker of truth to power, or one of the lefty fossils on the faculty, calls the President retarded. Twice.

Someone at the Islamic Center of San Francisco was quite, quite in a lather, to prove that the Jooooos were behind efforts to besmirch the credibility of that old forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Same dude, likely, slapped the warning label "Zionist" on Robert Spencer in the entry for his webpage Dhimmi Watch. Another American Islamic organization, however, featured wikipedia edits from an Islamic Harry Potter fan.

I didn't see anything from First Things, so it looks like Richard John Neuhaus and Jody Bottum are not riding this fad. At least not at work!

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