Monday, August 27, 2007

Those damn conservatives!

Here's a piece on ABC News about the incremental shariah-zation of Malaysia. Towards the end there's some concerned voiced about ethnic cronyism in government hiring. Radical Islam plus corruption equals...what? According to ABC, this: "Fears of creeping conservatism in Malaysia".

Now, you might think that government corruption is an apolitical blight. Flies are attracted to dung, no matter its source. And what could be more radical, if you will, than stuffing a relaxed, tropical multi-ethnic society into a Wahhabist burkha? But no, mustn't unsettle the newsies' youthful associations with that word, "radical". Probably we should be grateful that they managed to pluck up the courage to even suggest that shariah might not be just another swell fragment of the Glorioius Mosaic of Multiculturalism. So, "conservative" shall this slip-slide into the abyss be termed.

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