Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The ACLU: Progressistes sans frontières

Someday, the war in Afghanistan will end. Someday, the Taliban fighters will be reconciled with the government, and peace, uneasy or otherwise, will descend upon this volatile land. Someday, some of the fighters will become intrigued with the land of their erstwhile enemies, the Americans. Some of them will become so intrigued that they emigrate to America, as so many pursuers of liberty and opportunity have done before them. In time, some of these newcomers will become citizens. They will proudly, maybe tearfully, swear the oath of allegiance. They will go to register to become that most privileged class of citizen, voters. We may also suppose that Americans who have run off to join The Jihad will lay down their arms and come home, too.

But! Maybe they will encounter unjust resistance. Maybe some bigoted jurisdiction will have imposed barriers to registering them. Literacy tests. Nit-picky identification requirements. Maybe the new Americans will be disenfranchised. We can't let this happen! Who will help them?

The ACLU, of course. They'll file suit to preserve their rights. They'll force the jurisdictions to obey the equal rights laws. Just as they have done in years gone by.

But before any of this happens, those Taliban fighters must survive the present war. And the ACLU is right there to help with that, too. How? By making sure the Taliban fighters don't get blown up before any of this happens, by demanding compromising disclosures of the Predator drone programs, by concern trolling about legalities in a war they have always been iffy about. Because when you're fighting for truth, justice, and the liberal American way, there's no such thing as overreach.

Idiots. If they had intruded themselves into the Pacific war, the entire Marine Corps would have been jailed.

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