Monday, March 15, 2010

Playing with fire, or putting out the fire

Allan Bloom would weep, at the enfeeblement of spirit that this living arrangement evidences.

Mixed-gender dorm rooms are gaining acceptance

Their room, which shares a tiny bathroom with two men next door, has the usual collegiate trappings of beer bottles and political posters. The only unusual sight is women's clothes in one closet and men's in another.

The pair seem to have a warm brotherly-sisterly friendship and, while they try to be respectful, they say they are not inhibited about being in underwear or even nude while changing clothes in the room. They insist their living situation does not interfere with romantic relationships with other people. And although they have not been teased on campus, they face curious questions from relatives and friends.

"I definitely think it's generational," said Eland, 20, of Seattle. "For my grandparents, living with someone of the opposite sex, if he is not your serious boyfriend or husband or brother, would be very strange."

Men and women are equal because they are not different anymore.
-- Eric Hoffer

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