Thursday, March 11, 2010

Filth masquerading as news, from a toad masquerading as a man

A couple of years ago, about two hours up the interstate from me, a young hiker was abducted and murdered. Her killer was caught, convicted & is serving life.

Now Larry Flynt wants to get the crime scene photos of her, to run in his publication under the guise of a news story. The courts and the GBI are fighting the porn king's FOI requests, but may not succeed. If they lose, I hope some intern goes into the evidence files and burns the photos in the dumpster.


  1. Interns have no courage. It will take someone who no longer gives a fine damn about what happens to their career. Can the janitor be bribed?

  2. But let me say for the record that anyone working for Flynt doesn't give a fine damn about their soul.


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