Thursday, May 20, 2010

Draw Mohammed Day

I'm not participating, because I'm not altogether comfortable with gratuitously insulting The Prophet just to make a point. (I'm also not participating because I can't draw.) This dealy-bob puts me in mind of a scene from Israel's war of independence, from the book O Jerusalem:

"Lieutenant Fendi Omeish took a last look through the 25 pounder's gunsight. It was pointed straight at the center of Notre Dame's façade. "Try not to hit Mariam," he told his Moslem gunners, who had, too, a certain veneration for the Virgin. Then he ordered the shelling to begin."

Gallant, that. I do hate and fear the prospect of creeping shariazation. But I'd rather fight battles like this on more consequential issues. No, Muslims; you can't have a separate swimming pool. You don't get your own break room and extra time off during the day. Yes, Muslims; you have to remove your veil to have your driver's license taken. Yes, you have to take that taxi fare even though he's just come out of a bar. The law of the land of the free trumps your stern Dark Ages total plan for everyone else's life. Cope, or leave. Or as the Old Testament says, "Thus far and no farther will you come. Here your proud waves must stop."


  1. I did it for the day and then removed it. It didn't feel great or vindictive, merely necessary.

    While I would honor another's sensibilities about sentimental attachment, I have no compunction about my near-duty to put a crow-bar into the weak points of the faith of the extremists.

    Lewis' protagonist in That Hideous Strength protests defiling an image of Christ for no other reason than it begged a bigger question... and that question was more important than any silly transient act.


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