Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Ground Zero mosque

A sudden disgusting thought. Maybe that Ground Zero center will be built in time for the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Maybe, at the vigils that will be sure to be held there, the imam and his congregation will join in--in all sincerity, let's say. Imagine his flock mumbling prayers in arabic during the Moment Of Reflection....allahu akbar, allahu akbar...the same prayers the hijackers screamed as they slit the flight crews' throats, as they stabbed the passengers who tried to resist, as they revved up the engines and slammed into the buildings. The same prayers that the muslims worldwide cheered in their mosques, dancing in the streets, exulting over the infidel victims' deaths.

Fuck that.


  1. Catholic Weeaboo is too much of a coward to face criticism apparently. I had this to say to you:

    Whatever moorings in actual science Gaia may once have had, they've long since been severed by the crystal rubbing New Agers who appropriated it.

    Have you actually read any of the peer-reviewed literature or are you just indulging in more bigotry?

  2. Never mind. Enabling moderation usually means someone is chicken but it got through. Hopefully because I've been so civil. My point stands though.


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