Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Another political assassination in Lebanon

A Christian political leader, Pierre Gemayel, was killed, no doubt by Syrian- and/or Hezbollah-backed gunmen. Maybe now, with the events of the past few months, Baby Assad feels it's okay to start plinking wayward Lebanese politicians again.

This harkens back to another glimmer of hope in Lebanon, which was also violently betrayed, a long time ago:

…In the name of all the Christians of the Middle East, and as Lebanese Christians, let us proclaim that if Lebanon is not to be a Christian national homeland, it will nonetheless remain a homeland for Christians. Above all a homeland for Christians, though one for others as well if they so choose a homeland to be protected and preserved, in which our churches may be rebuilt at the time and in the manner we desire.
-- Bashir Gemayel, 14 September 1982

Gemayel was assassinated shortly thereafter, and over the next decade the churches of Lebanon were used by the Syrians, the PLO, and various Islamic militias as stables, garages, and firing ranges. His brother Amin Gemayel helplessly presided over the chaos.

*sigh*...Now this. Here's a fair-enough history of the Gemayel family, in al-Jazeera of all places.

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