Saturday, November 04, 2006

"Hans Kung in a Trojan horse," ha!

"Islam in its final form is [...] innately hostile to the infidel (as history has borne out), and so peace with Muslims can only be had if they betray or truncate their own revelation. This means that we "infidels" could never hope for peace with orthodox Muslims but only with their heretics and apostates. The attempt to make Islam "moderate" will really be the attempt to pit Muslims against their own tradition in order to keep them sedate. This time, we won't send them Richard the Lionheart on a warhorse but the Islamic equivalents of Hans Kung in a Trojan horse."
-- David Elliot, Toronto School of Theology, letter to the editors, First Things, Nov. 2006

Guess that'd be better than having to kill them in joblots. Or getting killed the same way.

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