Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Republicans sweep to victory, score historic wins.... in Georgia, that is! Sonny Perdue is the first Republican governor to be re-elected here since Reconstruction, and Casey Cagle is the first Republican lieutenant governor ever. Republicans won most of the down-ballot races too, save for a couple that were still too close to call this morning. So, in opposition to the Democrat victories elsewhere, Georgia only got redder.

So, hats off to the Dems, and to the American Left. The Dems have come back to power, and the Left, the 1960s-Nut-Coast-stop-the-war-off-the-pigs-the-Man-can't-bust-our-music Left, in the person of Madame Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi, is two heartbeats away from the Presidency. They won fair & square, and you'll hear no whining like this from my little soapbox. (You won't hear it from the same media who were doing the whining in '94, either, but that's another post.)

Fallout? Well, Donald Rumsfeld didn't last 24 hours of the polls closing. Let's see if Condi Rice is next. It's a pity about Rumsfeld. My military online acquaintances praise him for sharpening up the military and raising morale, after the big Clinton Drawdown of the 90s. And it has been disgusting, really, to listen to progressives attack the Bush administration through him by feigning concern for the troops. Yet, success is the best retort, and Iraq is not a success story at present. A leader should be judged, and expect to be judged, by his results and not his efforts. And so it has happened in Rumsfeld's case.

The Bush tax cuts: will the Dems revoke them, or let them expire, or what? They don't directly affect me, much, but I supported them. They at least kept the notion of fiscal responsibility in the air, if not on the table. And those of us who came along before the Republican revolution can't read the words "fiscally responsible Democrats" without suppressing a snort. It sounds almost ungrammatical.

Maybe we'll now have a respite from news of corruption for awhile. Corruption seeks those in power, no matter who they are. It's impossible to entirely shut out the Jack Abramoff's of the world--but it's good at least to force them to update their speed dials from time to time.

And God help the poor people of Iraq, if they get thrown under the train by this incoming Congress. *Shudder*...

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