Friday, March 23, 2007

Congratulations to Medienkritik!

The dextrosphere's window on central Europe, David Kaspar's Medienkritik, has passed the three million visits / five million page views mark. Congratulations and thanks to him and Ray D.! Here are some quotes from there that I've found memorable over the years:

In order to save Europe from itself Ratzinger will have to confront a number of European post-war developments that are actively supported by Euro-state policies. First, he will have to find a way to return Europeans to Church. Go to any cathedral in old Europe and it will be filled with tourists and only tourists. In Germany, they have found a way to collect donations without requiring physical attendance through the use of a Church tax. And while it may sooth the individual conscience, donating money to the church via payroll deduction does little to bond believers to the community or provide opportunities to hear about and discuss church values.
He will have to find a way to re-instill those church values necessary for the survival of European society. Given Europe’s suicidal demographics, he will need to emphasize the importance of the family and children. Old Europe has eliminated the need for the social contract between generations and the need for children through
the creation of overly generous state pension schemes. The family has been replaced by bureaucrats who administer tax funded benefits.
Most important, Ratzinger must remind Old Europe of its history. Europe as it exists today could not have happened without the Church of Rome. Everything that makes Europe unique among the nations of the earth is directly linked to the historical development of the Christian church and the propagation of its values. It is
impossible to imagine Europe of the past without its Church. And if Europe’s leaders insist on ignoring their German Pope, it will be impossible to imagine a Europe of the future.


You won't believe this: In an article in Frankfurter Rundschau, a leading left-wing daily, Germany's environmental minister Jürgen Trittin holds U.S. president George Bush responsible for hurrican Katrina.

Yes, that's right. The hurrican Katrina that killed dozens of people, that destroyed countless homes, flooded parts of Louisina and Mississipi, that left millions without electricity - it's all Bush's fault, according to a leading member of the German green party, who happens to be environmental minister in chancellor Schroeder's cabinet. Never mind that statistics don't show a particularly increase in the
frequency of hurricans in the U.S. in the last decades. Germany's general elections are scheduled for September 18, and the German left is in dire need of a neocon scapegoat for every disaster that befalls the world. And George W. Bush is the default villain in German politics and in the German media...


Now it turns out Bush and Blair didn't lie. Well, most of us here [in Germany] knew that, but now it was proven that those "Bush-lies" claims were nothing but hot air and wishful thinking. The main stream media, in Western Europe and the US does what it knows best under those circumstances: it ignores the facts. Sad, but nothing
Now I come to what I've been trying to say all along. I think it's pretty safe to say that Germans who don't speak English have absolutely no way of getting *in-depth* information on those issues. ... the issues covering front pages in the past for countless days are mentioned now just as miscellaneous facts. That's it ! Nothing else. The media "mentions" them, thus showing its objectivity, and it moves
In the US there is Fox News, there are radio shows where you can get information that main stream media doesn't want to cover because it doesn't fit with its bias. In Germany, there is nothing! Again, if you want in-depth information on those important issues, there is nothing. I admit I haven't searched the entire net for sources of news in German, but what I found so far is amazing. For the media here, informing the Germans is secondary, the main thing is spreading their opinions disguised as news. During WWII the censorship was forced, now it's self-imposed.

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